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Working Titles and Speakers

  • Integrated Program Management Initiatives at the Dept of Energy

    • Paul Bosco, DOE, Office of Project Management

  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: Customizations of Empower for Metrics/VARs, Use of Empower for Schedule Only Analysis, and Development of Internal Training Methodologies

    • Emily Hodgson, Lockheed Martin Aero

  • NASA Update: Empower, Central Repository and IPMDAR JSON Rollout

    • Kristin Kehr and Patrick Jordan, NASA

  • Proper Implementation and Reporting in an OTB Environment

    • Gary Humphreys, Humphreys & Associates

  • DOE PARS Integration with Empower and DOE's Generative AI Initiatives

    • Matthew "Zac" West and Amber Young - Department of Energy

  • Empower at the NRO

    • Ivan Bembers, National Reconnaissance Office

  • Pratt & Whitney: EV Transformation Road to Production Environment

    • Ankur Patel, Pratt & Whitney

  • Supporting Multiple Agencies and Toolsets with Empower

    • Patrick Milliken, Bechtel (tentative)

  • Transition from wInsight and Moving to IPMDAR JSON Submissions

    • Bill Lally, JSF JPO (tentative)

  • Optimizing Empower for Collecting CAM VAR Narratives

    • Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

  • Generating the Empower Optimized File to Streamline the Monthly Business Rhythm

    • Lockheed Martin Aero, Jacobs, Raytheon, WebEVM, and Dassian (tentative panelists)​

  • Department of Energy CPP JSON Panel

    • DOE HQ, DOE Laboratory, forProject, WebEVM​, and Encore Analytics

  • ​Generative AI in Project Management

    • Gary Troop, Encore Analytics​


Topics from Encore staff:

  • Empower Enhancements since EUG 2023 - Gary Troop

  • Open Forum for Customer Feedback - Gary Troop and Jim Price

Break sessions with software partners such as Barbecana, forProject, Midnite Dynamics, WebEVM and more!

*Note: included in your registration fee is breakfast and lunch as well as dinner at our evening networking events.


Have a topic you would like to present or a topic you would like to see Encore Analytics present? Please email


*Please note: This event is closed to the press.



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